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Paul Devaney, Bebbington

"After a friend recommended Soundproofing Expert to convert my garage into a teaching, rehearsal and project studio, I'm happy to recommend them to fellow professional musicians and music teachers for the high quality craftsmanship and amazing effectiveness of the work they did for me. I had looked into getting some local non-specialist builders to do the build for me but I couldn't get any assurances on how effective the sound proofing would be and the  quotes I had received for such work were way over our budget.

Chris was happy to come and look at my garage and discuss the project and my requirements for the build. After initially thinking I would use his consultancy service to then attempt the build myself, I soon realised that after buying my house with this project in mind, I couldn't afford to make any mistakes on the conversion and with the surprisingly affordable quote that Chris gave us, I would be wiser to get the experience and expertise of Chris and his team to get it right first time!
I've never been in a project studio where the sound has been so controlled, and my monitors now give an honest reproduction of whatever is put through them. They've provided me with a space that gives my business a professional look and is a joy to work in. Chris listened to what I hoped to achieve and was able to take my ideas and show me how he could realise them. He made many great suggestions and improvements to my concept and made great use of the available space.
I can use the studio at any time of day and night, and not have to give a thought to upsetting the neighbours in our quiet close. You can stand on the other side of the studio window, during the middle of a loud session, and you wouldn't even know it was going on. An absolutely amazing job, Thanks very much guys."

Dave Hassell, Manchester

"…..Absolutely fantastic job beyond all expectations! Combination of a superb caring craftsman and more important; reliable and trustworthy, Chris turns up when he says he going to and gets on with the job. The sounding proofing works! Unlike some of the more expensive products on the market, I shall be looking forward to spending many a year playing in the room! I would recommend without hesitation to all musicians that you could not get anybody better to build you a bespoke sound proof area!

……..Thank you Chris "

Mike Jones, Chester

"....Would like to say how happy I was with the job of soundproofing of my
bedroom and loft. As I struggle sleeping with any noise the soundproofing has made a big difference to my life. The work was completed in a very efficient and professional way...!

Thank You Chris..."

David Berezan, Manchester

"….....Chris’s studio conversion of our garage was exactly what we wanted. The overall quality of the space as a working environment and its acoustic performance are both very impressive, allowing us to monitor audio with awesome precision and clarity, as well as excellent reduction of sound transmission to/from the exterior and adjoining property. Chris was a pleasure to work with: he immediately grasped the particular needs of our studio and he has been very responsive and enthusiastic with his work....….."

Paul Whittingham, Preston

"….....Waited for years to get a soundproof room and after much homework found Chris from soundproofing experts. We now have a fully soundproofed drum room which I can also rehearse my band in, without bothering the neighbours, day or night. Chris did a great job, quality workmanship carried out by a pro' and as a drummer himself knew exactly what I needed.
I looked at other soundproofing systems on the market but thankfully chose to go with the room within a room approach Chris offered, and its worked a treat. Very reasonable price and delivered on time! Wouldn't hesitate to recommend to anyone.
Thanks again Chris....….."

Mark Hooper, Chester

"….......I have known Chris for a few years and he was my first and only call when I needed a studio conversion after moving house (having seen and heard about the work he had done previously). I now have a fully functioning space that allows me to teach drums and hold small band rehearsals without the disruption of anyone, a rare treat for a drummer!
All communication and work is done with the minimum amount of fuss and the upmost of respect, quality and skill. He even stopped half way through the studio build to re-do my bathroom in the house. I could not recommend Chris as a person and for his skills any higher.….."

Andy Stamatakis Brown, Manchester

"…..Chris worked really hard to create a studio that would suit my needs and fit my budget. I've been very impressed by the quality of build and the resulting level of sound-proofing the guys achieved. They have turned my outdoor garage into an all-year-round workable space.
The total job involved - constructing a new side doorway into the garage, digging and fitting a new drain, constructing a completely sealed 'room within a room' with stud walls and rockwool soundproof insulation, fitting a new double glazed window, double doors with windows, fully isolated electrics, extractor fan and lighting, laying a paved pathway and sourcing plastering.

The soundproofing is so good I can practise or hold rehearsals all through the evening without disturbing neighbours. I would recommend  Chris unreservedly, and in fact already have to several friends. Thanks mate, it's a dream space to have….."

Ben Neal, Denbighshire

"……..Having had quotes from various other companies (and seen their less than impressive results) I came across Chris Wharton.
Chris transformed my garage for half the price of previous quotes, and has made it possible to run a drum teaching studio at all hours of the day in a built up residential area. I have two sets of neighbours a stones throw from me and they can't hear a thing!
Chris's attention to detail and quality of finish is second to none and as a working musician, he knows what is needed from a studio environment.
I can't recommend Chris highly enough………"

Bob Pears, Otley, West Yorkshire

Terrace property cellar conversion for acoustic drum kit usage
"……..After researching soundproofing my cellar for some period by watching videos on YouTube, I quickly realised that most attempts ended in failure or a final result that did not meet expectations. I couldn't find a pre-fabricated solution either that was adequate or within budget. I came to the conclusion that if I needed a working solution I would have to contact someone with serious expertise in the field. I was not prepared to invest in time, effort and expense to find I did not have a 100% working solution.
I came across Chris Wharton online and after an initial email exchange, employed him on a consultancy basis to design my cellar conversion. Chris provided me with a very detailed plan, explanation of the build, shopping list, samples and even a list of the cheapest suppliers. Building the doors was my main concern but these were offered prebuilt so no problem! I met Chris during the on-site consultation and found him enthusiastic, knowledgeable and amiable and although I am only mid-build, I have total confidence in the solution designed for my specific needs.
If you are a drummer needing a sound proofing solution, then why bother trying to second guess how to achieve the best results when there is already a drummer out there with experience in providing working solutions for other drummers...simples!!….."

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