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Do you need help with a drum studio os soundproofed room building…??
Full consultation details and pricing below.

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1 hour call + notes
£250 including VAT

1 hour call + notes, diagrams and pics
£320 including VAT

1 hour site visit
1 hour follow up call
£360 including VAT plus travel/fuel

1 hour site visit
1 hour follow up call
Notes, diagrams, pics
£500 including VAT plus travel/fuel

1 hour site visit
1 hour follow up call
Notes, diagrams, pics
Material supply links
Phone support during build
£1000 including VAT plus travel/fuel

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    ……..After researching soundproofing my cellar for some period by watching videos on YouTube, I quickly realised that most attempts ended in failure or a final result that did not meet expectations. I couldn't find a pre-fabricated solution either that was adequate or within budget. I came to the conclusion that if I needed a working solution I would have to contact someone with serious expertise in the field. I was not prepared to invest in time, effort and expense to find I did not have a 100% working solution. I came across Chris online and after an initial email exchange, employed him on a consultancy basis to design my cellar conversion. Chris provided me with a very detailed plan, explanation of the build, shopping list, samples and even a list of the cheapest suppliers. Building the doors was my main concern but these were offered prebuilt so no problem! I met Chris during the on-site consultation and found him enthusiastic, knowledgeable and amiable and although I am only mid-build, I have total confidence in the solution designed for my specific needs. If you are a drummer needing a sound proofing solution, then why bother trying to second guess how to achieve the best results when there is already a drummer out there with experience in providing working solutions for other drummers...simples!!….."
    Bob Pears, Yorkshire

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